The Faces Of Klinefelter Syndrome.

We want to celebrate those who are open about having Klinefelter Syndrome – 47 XXY. Below are some of the people paving the way for a brighter future for our community.  Together we will bring more awareness and education to those who have never heard about Klinefelter syndrome – 47 XXY. 


I love my Xbox, legos, my mom and brother. I also love hanging out with my friends.

Raj Baksi

I love being outdoors especially kayaking and swimming. I am a long-distance open water swimmer. I also enjoy cooking, photography and volunteer as KS support member.


I love to read, swim, and hang out with my friends.

Geoff N Beth

I love to cook, bake and eat food. I make my own granola and enjoy spending time with my amazing wife here in Australia. I enjoy traveling around the world.

Michael Angel

I enjoy swimming, video games, hanging with friends and family. I also donate my time to help with community service.

Anthony Prata Jr.

I love to play video games, driving my awesome car and working my first job.


I love spending time with my wife and sons exploring New Zealand. I enjoy gardening and creating forests of veggies and fruit.


I love eating spaghetti, being silly and making everyone around me laugh and giggle for hours on end.

Thomas E. Flynn

I enjoy restoring Cushman Motor Scooters. My Motto “show me a picture of what you want (woodworking) and I can build it”

Ravichander Jayaraman

I love things that make me feel alive, skydiving is the ultimate rush.

Aidan Wynn

I love to rock climb, camp, fishing and ride my ATV in the desert. I enjoy collecting all types of antiques like pins, records, old cards, and stickers.


I like water sports and mountain sports, they make me feel like I am flying. I am also from the United Kingdom.

Andrew Dunn

I love hiking, shooting, kayaking, go-karts, skydiving, paintball, and camping.


I love playing at the beach, making slime and walking my puppy.


I love soccer, Boy Scouts, hanging out with my friends and playing video games!

Cyles Baker-atafu

I love to draw mostly anime characters, singing games and chat with people all over the world.


I spend my days getting into my sibling's things, making messes, and of course, being adorable 24/7. When I am not making messes I love to take walks and play outside.

Gregory Duncan

By far the proudest moment in my life was becoming a dad to the most beautiful daughter anyone could ask for. Madeline and I at the Chattanooga Aquarium.


I love playing soccer and take a ball wherever I go. I play on a Special Olympics team and enjoy helping my teammates get better.

Jason Whitmore

I Love motor racing in Australia with my Toyota Camry RallyCross car.

Roy Kenneth Miller

I love having fun in public parks. This place is one of the many parks that I enjoy frequently. As a creative, I also love using parks for photography and experiencing performing arts.

Shiloh Hertz

I like traveling, playing magic the gathering and hiking.


I love eating chocolate ice cream, playing outside, building with my Legos, and playing with books that have flaps.

Jake Hoodock

I love Aviation, photography, and the planet which gives me a purpose to explore


I love Legos, Roblox and playing Fortnite. Pizza is my favorite food. Laser tag and jumping on the trampoline are really fun too.


I love walking barefoot in the sand. I like to spend most of my time in the outdoors climbing anything I can.


I enjoy traveling the world and being really active, I love to ice skate, skateboard, water ski, play video games and play basketball. I am kind to others and really care about planet earth. I volunteer my time to feed the homeless.

Anthony Bennett

I love having a picnics with my daughter Kira in our backyard. I am proud beyond belief that this little angel is mine.

Jack Tatham

My favorite hobbies include running on the playground, reading books, exploring outside, traveling, and making people laugh wherever I go.

Mathew Fasone

I do art not English. I love to paint murals, sidewalk chalk art, and anything having to do with drawing.

Andrew Gagnon

I love watching movies. I take care of my brother who has Hydrocephalus and dandy walker syndrome.


I love to ride my bike and now I am riding my big brother's bike. I love my 2 dogs too.

Taaven Haag

I enjoy Hiking, Flying and playing paintball.


He loves going to the park, watching football siblings, and of course, smiling.

Ethan Pope

I love to go backpacking in the mountains and to drive cars. I also love to photograph mother nature and cars.

Brad Phayer

I love going to the gym and socializing after work with my friends. I am an active member of a few Klinefelter support groups. Walking and then playing video games is a hobby of mine.

Andrew Hall

I love to watch NASCAR and sometimes go to the races. I love Fire trucks and I love to dig in the dirt.

Brett Jones

I enjoy hanging out with my union brothers, seeing my family, walking the dog and drawing.

Luke Greene

I really enjoy racing my RC car and I am working towards a black belt in Karate.


I am really active and love all types of action sports. Sailing, Mountain biking, boating, cooking, and camping are just a few. I love to teach others my passions.

John Gallacher

I like to keep up to date with current affairs. I absolutely love mooching around shops and helping others.


I love watching Blippi and working with my daddy in the yard. I love all things construction and working with my hands. I am 3 years old and I have type 1 diabetes.

Mike Christoff

Hiking and the great mountain west is my playground. I Love the challenges of summiting peaks.

Kevin Gorman

The happiest day of my life was my wedding in 2013 with my wife Colleen. I love animals and working with my hands. I do woodworking as a hobby.

Aaron Callahan

I love playing video games, fishing and working with animals.


I can play 55+ Musical Instruments. I love anything having to do with music and love to sing also.

Daniel Moreti

I’m a very active boy, my favorites hobbies include, playing video games, cats, soccer, traveling, playing with my siblings and dancing. I am from Brazil.

Stefan Schwarz

I really enjoy skiing and love hot chocolate after.


I am a very active boy and I love Art, I am from Brazil

Jermy Hutton

I just got back into fishing and I absolutely love it. I really enjoy working out and cruising in my car. My wife and did IVF treatments and we have a beautiful daughter.

Stuart Spencer

I love driving my minibus. I help people at Birmingham Airport and take them where they need to go.


I love all things that start with the letter C such as cake, cookies, chocolate, and candy! My favorite things to do are going to the park and building with Legos.

Andre Lorek

My passion is motorcycling during the summer. I love to write, paint, and metalworking during the offseason.

Andy Angstrom

I am obsessed with anything that has to do with fishing. I own my own beekeeping business and hazelnut farm. I love bees, duck and elk hunting, joking around and reading books.

Kyle Murphy

One of my favorite things to do is spend time with my mom.

Kelsey Maffei

I enjoy running obstacle course races with my kids. We have the opportunity to challenge each other to accomplish something together.

Jose Ferreira

The beach is my special place but I also enjoy nature. I am very creative and I love helping people.


I love to play with my trucks and enjoy being at the park with my friends.

Mathew Gardzinski

I enjoy being with family and friends. I also enjoy woodworking and learning new techniques, being with my dog and working out.

Rowan Pearce

I like going into the bush to hunt pigs or deer. I enjoy doing things with my family, working on my ute, working on my house and in my garden.

Ryan Bregante

I Love hiking in our countries national parks during the winter season.

Dave Galpern

I love all types of trains and train stations.

Kent Drexler

I love to working with my hands and do woodworking making tables, chairs and benches. I like to hunt, fish, cook, and garden as well.