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XXY Story about Kyle

Kyles XXY Story

My son Kyle was born healthy with no complications. He was a very happy, content little baby. He was quite delayed with his milestones and alarm bells began to ring as I have a background in teaching. Kyle’s speech was also not where it should have been but the doctor’s and teachers seemed to just brush my concerns aside. At age 4 I urged my husband to have our son seen by a Paediatrician as my concerns were growing. At this point I was giving my son omega 3 vitamins to help him cope with his day. He becomes overwhelmed quite easily when at school and tends to react before thinking.

The Paediatrician took blood and did a chromosome test on Kyle.

With Kyle’s initial diagnosis I was extremely upset. It was a lot to take in and I had never heard of Klinefelter Syndrome before. After the shock wore off and after doing some research, everything about my sons xxy story made sense! We are now 6 months into his diagnosis and I know he has a long journey ahead of him but he has a family that loves him and will support him. He is seeing a speech therapist and an occupational therapist and I’m helping him by doing extra fine motor activities at home. I’ve also told him he has xxy. He told me it made him sad. He is a bright boy and he definitely knows he is a bit different to the other boys. His circle of friends consists mostly of girls, which I don’t mind. The important thing is that he has friends!

We would have liked to know about my son’s condition earlier on and I think it makes it easier to understand the behavior.

 I couldn’t imagine my son any different from what he is. I love him so much! This is Kyle’s xxy story.

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Noah’s Story

6 thoughts on “XXY Story about Kyle

  1. God Bless, my son is 17 his diagnosed last year.
    I have to tell you he is a happy well adjusted Teen starting to look at colleges. I wish I knew when he was younger. We went through so many Dr and different diagnoses. Floppy baby, Add, adhd, defiant disorder, Tourette’s , ocd, I always knew he was different. And dr always brushed off my concerns. I chose to be patient and not to medicate my son. I tried but did not like the results. Forward 10 years later and I finally have an answer. What brought me to endocrinologist is he started to get gynoclomastia, and he was tall and very thin I wanted his thyroid checked.
    Don’t worry He has friends, he has average grades. And a happy life, had his first girl friend and broke up. So remember our kids are special and we are the lucky ones.

  2. My hubby just found out he was xxy at age 36! He is well adjusted, makes friends SO easy, he’s the kindest soul I know. He is a genius when it comes to golf! He can’t wait to be a father! His XXY diagnosis does explain some of his physical features, learning differences, and impulsiveness at times but it also explains his caring and sensitive nature and his ability to be friends with pretty much anyone. I wouldn’t change him for the world.

  3. We as parents are advocates for our boys and with our support they will thrive and be successful. My son was diagnosed at 19 , he had almost every single side affect of KS before diagnosis. We have had our challenging moments since diagnoses more so now that he knows he has KS. He is very upset that we didn’t know sooner but I kind of wonder if this is where the saying comes in “ignorance is bliss” because pre diagnoses for him seemed better day to day than now. My hopes and prayers every day is that my son continues to be physically , mentally and emotionally healthy ! That’s all we can ask for and I wouldn’t change him for the world!!! God bless ❤️

  4. So happy you have a diagnosisas early as you do. My son was 15 before being diagnosed. Elementary school and Jr high school years were very difficult before his being diagnosed. We were both relieved after the diagnosis. It all made sense finally. Be happy he will get the help he needs as early as he is. Good thing you stayed on top of it. Moms have a second sence for feeling when things are not right. You were right to listen to it. Xxy… eXtra speXal boYs?

  5. I personally know kyle and his family as he goes to the same school as my son and hia mommy is going to be my sons teacher next year…i know he gets all the support and love needed…p.s. mommy you have my number ..just phone if you ever wanna just cry or go for coffee….we behind u all the way…

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