Klinefelter syndrome facts

Klinefelter Syndrome Facts

Klinefelter Syndrome Facts

I want to change to the way the world learns about Klinefelter syndrome facts.  Here is a highlight all of the successful people with Klinefelter syndrome who at one point in their lives were told it is not possible. With all of the information online about “who we are” from a medical perspective and what we cannot do. I now give you from all over the world, a real list, from real people with amazing and unique careers.  Each one of these jobs requires hard work and dedication to hone their craft.

I have read countless Klinefelter syndrome facts, medical articles, books and journals in just the last year (2017-2018). Out of what I read it seems to be the same stuff with a few variations, most of it is old and miss information that holds a negative tone to it. Since when was being tall made out to be negative!

In the last year I have made raising awareness for Klinefelter syndrome my new career. I’ve been traveling around making friends, meeting new people and learning more about the Klinefelter syndrome facts from those who live with it. I have been learning so many things I never even knew about myself, some good and some Ok, but nothing life threatening or debilitating.  The one thing I keep going back to is the human connections I have made with people all over the USA. It is this person to person interaction where the true magic happens, knowing WE are not alone.

One might think that the day you become old enough to work, whether its at 16 in the USA and you are dying to get your first job in high school, you start working to help support your family, you wait till you are 18 or you are just now believing in yourself.   A job is a very important part of gaining your own independence and learning how the world works. We all need money to survive, but becoming truly happy, independent and providing value to society is truly the most rewarding thing of all.

The idea of success depends on who you ask and what their own personal expectations are.  You get paid for your value, not your time. Some people value money, others value quality time and good friends, some value traveling and putting as many stamps in their passports as possible,  whatever it might be we all have to work to have these dreams come true.

My Nonno “Grandfather in Italian” who lived till he was just shy of his 105 birthday always told me that nothing comes easy. If you want something you work hard has hell at it and you never stop.  He was the water in the perfect concrete mixture who was sharing his way of life to all of his grandkids as we started to grow, giving us the strongest foundation of all.

These are not just ordinary people but extraordinary people whose hard work will write new information in books about Klinefelter syndrome facts.  

If you see a job not listed below and want to add your job to the list please email us at Info@livingwithxxy.com   In the subject please put JOBS. Thank you.  More Resources

Urban planner and team manager: redesigning city streets to improve safety

Painter Decorator for 17 years, 11 of which he was self employed

Salesman for a timber/farming supply store 5 years running

Fire safety manager in the UK

Assistant to the Instructional Designer at Texas A&M

Chef for 10 years working in fine dining establishments all over the USA

Action sports photographer for 5 years 

Professional guitarist

Voice over specialist

Substance abuse counselor

Ordained Pastor

Car salesman for 25 years

Chauffeur, Landscaper, House Painter

Chicken feather plucker on an assembly line

Maintenance staff while attending college

Teaching ceramics and stone carving

Cycle technician

Construction worker

Lead service valet

Student tech support

Fine wine salesman

Digital media consultant

Private Chef

Fashion Photographer

Owner of Organic Market Cafe

Commercial Beekeeper

Computer programer

CVS pharmacist

Taxi, Uber and Lyft driver

Operations manager for a college of higher education

Chemical process operator

Bridge painter

Auditor for a major electric company

Surveyor field tech

Drone (UAS) Pilot

FedEx driver

Production maintenance technician and manager

Full time Musician

Custom cabinet carpenter

Information technology (IT)

Nursing assistant

Truck driver

Exams Invigilator

Business debt recoveries


Trigger point therapist

Consultant in anti money laundering in the trust and fiduciary world

Computer data entry

Banking account service and tech support

Commercial & Farm insurance agent


Transportation security administration (TSA) Lead

Professional Driver

UPS Feeder driver

Rural mail carrier

Professional Traveling Golf Caddy

Landscape Sales

Safety Coordinator

Ebay Seller

Nurse for children and young people

Nursery pig farmer

Graphic designer

User experience and customer experience designer

Weed and Pest controller

Traffic Control

Parking lot and road painting

Hazelnut farmer

Architecture project manager

CNC machinist

Owner of a Consulting company related to federal research funding and finance

Digital print manager

Production team leader

Art Historian

Business owner

Professional heartbreaker (Cute girl with xxx)

Transportation officer in the U.S. Navy



Administrative assistant

Public relations specialist

Massage Therapist for 24 years

Retired private pilot

Deep analysis and technical SEO

Travel app business operator

Fire Departments (Volunteer)

Apparatus Operator

First Responder

EMA Director

Graphic artist for 25 years

Residential Support Worker

I own my own recruiting company

I manage a small real estate law firm

Floor and wall tiler

Senior sales consultant for a software company

Fulltime carer

School custodians

I own a record label

I run an online gaming group since 1996

I producer and mix (as a dj) music

Service engineer

 I run my own academic tutoring business

I am a health inspector for a state health department

Newspaper reporter



Color matcher for a printing ink manufacturer

Salesman for 30 years, 15 years selling tires, 15 tears selling meat snacks.

Manager of 9 catering units

Customer service in Engineering.

Project Manager for industrial Landscaping




Computer Aided Drafting Operator (AutoCAD technician)

Delivery man

Heavy Civil Equipment Operator

Trauma Nursing

power engineer

Cabinet maker

Double glazing fabricator


Arborist’s Assistant


Portrait Photographer

Mobile phone sales

Income Tax Adviser

Conservatory Assistant

Event Parking Manager

Energy Adviser

Volunteer Coordinator

Complaint Handler

Mortgage Debt Adviser

Tech support engineer for a home automation company

Coffee house owner

High School Teacher

Boat Builder

House painter/remodeler


Holistic Health Practitioner and Educator

Printed Circuit Shop owner

House designer/builder

Fire Fighter (26 years) retired

Dairy farmer milking 300 cows

UPS for 17 years. Driver for 15 of the years.

Certified florist

Copier technician for Canon – 10 years.

Computer tech for 13 years.

Owner of a construction company,



Investment firm.

Facilities Management Data Analyst

20 years retail. 5 in management.

23 years as a Validation Engineer.

25 yrs retail, 6 yrs Online escalation specialist


Carpenter for residential construction work.

Gardener and window cleaner

Financial Services & Billing

Dental technician

Pressure Welder/Boilermaker In Power generation, Coal, Natural gas and hydro Dams.


Pulp & paper mills

New construction and maintenance.

Welding inspections & pressure testing.


Oil/gas engineering, i’m an engineering applications manager

Registered Nurse for 34 years.


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