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High School with XXY

How did I manage High school with XXY?

These are personal Notes From my experience with high school with XXY and how you can help yourself or your child. Youtube Video on High School

  • The challenge was adjusting to a new learning environment since high school had so many more students than middle school.
  • Switching classes and learning the layout of where each class is can be difficult for some kids.
  • All of the different age groups can be overwhelming but at the same time allows you to make friends with all age groups.
  • Understanding that you have to go to your locker to get the right tools for the right class. And having a pencil. I wish I came up with a system to keep one pencil and pen till it ran out.
  • Time management, taking notes and learning how to use executive functions…. This was extremely hard for me, so my teachers talked with students who were willing to help in the class by sharing their notes at the end of the week. Usually was the best note taker in the class with good handwriting.
  • After School I had a tutor and I went to a few learning centers to help with teaching me a more effective way to study and I used to dictate my English papers to a college tutor before there where apps.
  • Staying organized with homework was a nightmare.
  • We had a learning center at school that gave kids with learning disabilities extra time on tests since my reading level was a lot slower then most of the kids in the class. This helped a lot.
  • I had a makeshift IEP
  • Speaking up was difficult but I needed to let my teachers know by asking questions and speaking about my needs.
  • After school activities and sports. These are good for having a social life, making new friends and a way to explore what you might be good at or how to make more friends.
  • Jobs in high school. I didn’t work in high school because managing my life with school itself was overwhelming.
  • Having a transition plan in place from year to year is a good idea. High school is way more strict about tardiness, use of electronics and getting in trouble for cheating or fighting.
  • Parents finding the right way to contact teachers teaching them about KS and how they can help your kid. You might have to find a different way to tell each teacher so they understand the situation the best from the start of the year. Especially for the harder class like English.
  • High school with xxy is definitely exciting and challenging at the same time but if you try and have a good connection with your child and teachers you can help your son overcome the challenges and find success.
  • Dating, I would encourage your son to ask girls to homecoming and dances. Once old enough in your eyes encourage him to date, but be cautious. I had a girlfriend my junior year and my grades suffered and I got kicked of the volleyball team. Everything in moderation. Social life is necessary to feel accepted with peers.
  • Last Comment is to try and have fun and stay positive. Things us KS guys are not good at just take more time to learn and we have to put in more work in those areas, but the things we are good at we excel above the rest. Remember that.

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