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Klinefelter syndrome facts
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Klinefelter Syndrome Facts

Klinefelter Syndrome Facts More Positive Traits I want to change to the way the world learns

Klinefelter's syndrome
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Klinefelter’s Syndrome Story

Klinefelter’s syndrome story This story was written by a loving mother of a Klinefelter’s syndrome boy. 

Newly Diagnosed

XXY Baby is Born

XXY Baby is born   This is to the mothers who are really struggling and not

xxy syndrome, Klinefelter syndrome, xxy, 47xxy

XXY Syndrome Blood Test

Blood test could have revealed disorder far earlier The Washington Post, 24 Aug 2010 Years, wreaking havoc

Klinefelter Syndrome People
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Klinefelter Syndrome People

Klinefelter Syndrome People making a difference. For those of you who have been wondering how you

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XXY Teenager Sean

A story about 15 year old xxy teenager Sean written by his mother Kristin. On July

XXY Story, Klinefelter syndrome, xxy, 47xxy
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XXY Story about Kyle

Kyles XXY Story My son Kyle was born healthy with no complications. He was a very

My Life

Klinefelter Syndrome Community

Building a stronger Klinefelter syndrome Community starts with you.  When Ryan Bregante sees statistics estimating that

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High School with XXY

How did I manage High school with XXY? These are personal Notes From my experience with

My Perspectives

Klinefelter Confidence

What is Klinefelter confidence you might be asking yourself? Did you know that most men with Klinefelter

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What Klinefelter syndrome and 47 xxy look like without a shirt on.