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My Son’s Klinefelter Story

English translation from Spanish I wanted to have an amniocentesis. Although you do it by detecting

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47 XXY Life WORTH Living

47 XXY  Positivity Jack’s Story Our son, Jack Ryan, was born in June 2018—weighing in at

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XXY Adult Matthew

XXY Adult Mathew My son Matthew is 26 years old and was diagnosed with Klinefelter syndrome

XYY, Jacob's syndrome
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XYY A Missed Diagnosis

XYY A Missed Diagnosis When asked the question, “Tell us about your son’s journey to a

Klinefelter Educations
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Klinefelter Educations

Klinefelter Educations Klinefelter educations are something people have never even talked about openly on the internet.

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What Klinefelter syndrome and 47 xxy look like without a shirt on.