Klinefelter syndrome story

A German Klinefelter Story

A Klinefelter Story from Germany

This Story was written by a Mum that lives in Germany who has a son with Klinefelter syndrome. Using translation software we do our best to bring you their story.  

I am a Mum of a 24 year old Klinefelter syndrome boy. He was diagnosed while I was pregnant. The only thing doctors did was send me to an endocrinological consultant since Klinefelter syndrome is under abortion law here in Germany.  The only information I got was that the child will look normal and that there is not too much information about the development of these children. Some would have problems in school…some not. I should come with him from time to time for endocrinological survey. 

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I wanted my baby!  I felt pretty much alone!  Max at the moment does not really want to know too much about Klinefelter syndrome.  We have passed hard times. Sometimes I asked myself how to continue..being a single educating mother. The father negates up to today the diagnosis.

“Max is not a fan of groups and he is very faithful to friends.”

He has a very good feeling for ball games such as Tennis, golf, basketball…it appears as if he would have done it always. But he is not using his talent.  He is talented in painting and music. Unfortunately up to now he does not want to use this potential as a profession. 

School was horror. He only started reading by the age of 13. He is very good in visual learning. Our school system was not the best for him.  He is very emotional and sensitive. He has an active sexual life. He dreams of big love, family and children. He has a wonderful personality.

Finally he found also his way job wise. He is doing an apprenticeship in sales since he likes to deal with all kind of people.  He was always tired, inactive and could not really concentrate. So I tried to find a way to support him.

Since 5 years he supports his body daily with highly concentrated micro nutrition. His energy level is good. We changed our nutrition additionally. No white sugar, only good fats, reduction of carbohydrates. Fruit. Salads and good proteins. So up to now we go without any testosterone shots or any chemical drugs.


“Can we blame Klinefelter syndrome for all of the difficulties?”

His testosterone level is right now at 4.9.  Growing breast disappeared. Beard and body hair grows naturally.  He develops to an open personality within society. Max is now 1.95 Meters tall and has a thin build. I am so proud of him!

I hope our story gives hope and a solution to one or the other of you. In any case the way we go up to now in supporting his body on whats the body needs could be an additional help in any case.

Hugs from Betty A loving Mum

Klinefelter syndrome Germany

2 thoughts on “A German Klinefelter Story

  1. Hi
    53 and was diagnosed with Klinefelter at 27. I am eager to find out more about me and my makeup. With the view to accepting my sexuality and forgiving myself enough to keep moving forward. My life has been a complete mess up and have lost children and siblings as a result.

  2. It is a hard road my experience is the pretty similar. I found out before he was born too. My son is 12 and school has been a challenge, he doesn’t do well with sports or understanding what he needs to do. He loves music – plays piano and loves to sing. It was very helpful to me what you said about diet. My guy has a lot of allergies but if I can figure out diet to where He doesnt have to do testosterone that would be great! Thank you for your story!

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