Working together

Working together for the future

We must start working together for a brighter future.

Since I am very active on facebook I wanted to take some of the posts that I have written and share with the rest of the world who do not have the opportunity to view them on facebook.  These are posts that have given me an amazing about of support from the Klinefelter syndrome community on facebook.   Please have a read and comment below if you would like to.   This is about working together and putting all of our differences aside to help create a bigger and more successful community.  Enjoy.

First off I do not understand why people have the courage to write me messages of hate and harsh criticism. I have done nothing but volunteer my efforts and time over the last year to help spread awareness about Klinefelter syndrome. I know that I will not be able to please everyone and be at everyones beck and call when they need me. I am extremely busy trying to balance my life and also “livingwithxxy”. I am human too and I know I make mistakes. If you are not making mistakes you are not learning. I am spending my own savings doing what I am doing because I have a passion and I know that if we work together we can all make a difference. I did not grow up with a silver spoon in my mouth and its also no ones business on how much money I make a year or what I choose to do with it. I am NOT doing this for fame or recognition. Instead of spreading rumors about me, why dont you just ask me and I will be honest with you. Why play the telephone game?

I am frustrated with the amount of jealousy and inner drama and hatred towards XXYs and KS people from our own people. Why are people bullying each other instead of working together and picking eachother up for what they do good in this world. Dont you think that we have gotten enough bullying from others our whole lives? So why now? Why cant we work together and get over our differences and accept each person for who they are? Klinefelter Syndrome is a SPECTRUM and not everyone is going to be affected the same way. Some are born with all of the symptoms and some are born with very few. Please do not bully either way but embrace each other.

I dont have to be your best friend and you dont have to be mine either. But we have something in common and our GREATER goal in this world is to help one another and the younger generation so they do not have to go thru the same problems we have had. Its about learning from those who have walked before us and paving the way for a better and brighter future. Stop thinking about yourselves and start thinking about those around you. They say 1-400 are affected with KS but only 30% of that actually find out. I bet you KS is 1-200 at least. Shouldn’t we try to be the generation that brings that number above 50%. The more people who find out, the more people can get that can get the treatment they need and then maybe the world will start pay attention to us. Once people hear our voice it might bring in the millions of dollars like cancer research does and it will MAKE bigger difference.

If we dont start working together as a community and educating everyone around us about our syndrome we will not be able to change the stigmas for future generations, the work we are doing now will not go anywhere. We need EVERYONES POSITIVE voices so we can be heard as a community around the world. Right now I feel like there are a few voices here and there and its all spread out. We are in need of a solid foundation. From the mothers of new borns to the mothers of those who are just about to turn 18. We need you to educate those around you and for your sons to grow up embracing KS with an open heart. For them knowing that they are not alone and for them to work with us older guys to help all of our voices be heard.

I am only here to help. I will not stop helping people because its what I have fallen in love with. I know I am making a difference and I need you to stand by my side.

Thank you


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  1. my name is Erik. I am 36 years old and found out much later in life. I didnt know anything about xxy and just decided that i am broken and hated myself b/c of it. I didnt get treatment until 4 years ago. I look somewhat my age now. I have a nice counselor that challenged me to do some research about what i have and thats how i found this site. I never met anyone with XXY besides myself. I made up so many negative perceptions of me b/c of it. Thank you for keeping this site up. Im just blown away b/c a lot of the psychological aspects of xxy i been internalizing it and making it wrong. I would like to reach out to you and speak to you.

    Thank you

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