Making A difference

Making A Difference

Making a difference

For those of you who have been wondering how you can be making a difference in other peoples lives who have x and y variations, now you can.  I believe that if you share your story of growing up with Klinefelter syndrome or an x and y variation it will help others that are just like you.  Making a difference in our community now will help change the stigmas for future generations.  We can become the backbone we desperately need.

Our Community Your Story Guidelines 

First off thank you for taking the time to volunteer and write about yourself. This will give the world a chance to see who we all are and give you the spotlight.  This is extremely important to me to share the stories of my fellow X and Y chromosome variation friends from all over the world.  I believe your stories will have a profound impact on the entire medical industry, newly diagnosed mothers, others with x and y variations, your friends, family and you.  These stories will be the first of their kind to help change the stigma about Klinefelter syndrome.  If my story has saved 10 lives from abortion then I believe each one of yours can save 10 more.  This page will give people a chance to see something positive before all of the negative information they read.  It will counter balance and start the change we are all hoping to see.   These stories will be hosted on the website in a new section called “Our Community”.   It will be split into sections based on diagnosis so people can navigate it easier.  

The list below is a group of ideas to help you write about your story.  These are just ideas and not mandatory. 

  1. This is your story, write it the way you want people to view who you are.
  1. What x and y variation do you have?
  1. All of us are different so there is no wrong story.
  1. When where you diagnosed, How did you find out.
  1. Please be real and do not sugar coat things.
  1. Try and have a positive ending, giving people hope. Showing people we can live good lives.
  1. Write about your struggles and how you overcame them.
  1. Talk about your job, or jobs you have had.  What are you working towards.
  1. Do you live on your own? Have roommates? Plans for future?
  1. Talk about school,  not just how hard it was but add the things you loved.  Also did you go to college or an after high school continuing education plan?
  1. Are you on testosterone, if so what kind?  Please go in-depth 
  1. Do you have a family? Kids? If so how did you get to this point?  Family seems to be a hot topic for lots of families with young kids of Klinefelter syndrome.  Show them its possible.
  1. Please provide 5-10 Photos of yourself doing things thorough your life,  Accomplishments, Vacation, Laughing, Smiling, Funny photos,  Who are you?
  1. I will provide proof reading to your story before its published.  I do understand we are not very good at English, spelling, and grammar.  Try your best there will be no judgement here.
  1. Stories along with photos can be sent to 

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