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Klinefelter syndrome is a chromosomal condition in boys and men that can affect physical and intellectual development. Its signs and symptoms vary among affected individuals. In some cases, the features of the condition are so mild that the condition is not diagnosed until puberty or adulthood, and researchers believe that some affected men and boys are never diagnosed. Klinefelter syndrome affects 1 in 500 to 1,000 newborn boys. It is among the most common sex chromosome disorders.

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Klinefelter syndrome genotype baby
18 Jun

Klinefelter syndrome genotype

Ryan Bregante no responses

Another amazing story about a baby with Klinefelter syndrome here This is my 6-week-old son. He ...

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28 May

The Havoc of an Undetected Extra Chromosome

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By JANE E. BRODY AUG. 31, 2004  The New York Times 2004 Sam's parents began to suspect something ...

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XXY males, Klinefelter
07 May

XXY Males – Klinefelter Syndrome

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XXY Males - Klinefelter syndrome   HEALTH TOPIC BY GLENDA FAUNTLEROY DEC 2012 Although considered the ...

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xxy adult, Klinefelter, Klinefelter syndrome, xxy, 47xxy
18 Apr

XXY Adult Matthew

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XXY Adult Mathew Grill Master My son Matthew is 26 years old ...

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XYY, Jacob's syndrome
20 Mar

XYY A Missed Diagnosis

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XYY A Missed Diagnosis When asked the question, “Tell us about your son’s journey to a ...

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Klinefelter syndrome story
05 Mar

A German Klinefelter Story

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A Klinefelter Story from Germany This Story was written by a Mum that lives in Germany ...

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