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Parents guide to 47 XXY

Parents guide to 47 XXY was written by a mother who found out prenatally. This guide is extremely helpful.

Did you know

Klinefelter syndrome is a chromosomal condition in boys and men that can affect physical and intellectual development. Its signs and symptoms vary among affected individuals. In some cases, the features of the condition are so mild that the condition is not diagnosed until puberty or adulthood, and researchers believe that some affected men and boys are never diagnosed. Klinefelter syndrome affects 1 in 500 to 1,000 newborn boys. It is among the most common sex chromosome disorders.

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Testosterone Replacement therapy, livingwithxxy, xxy, Klinefelter syndrome
30 Aug

Testosterone Replacement Therapy

Ryan Bregante 2 responses

In January of 2018 I was invited to speak in front of the FDA in Washington ...

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47 XXY syndrome
30 Jul

47 XXY Syndrome Awareness

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To my surprise, I found out I was pregnant at 45. My husband & I already ...

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Mom holding 47xxy mosaic baby diagnosed by OBGYN
23 Jul

OBGYN Diagnosed Mosaic 47 xxy

Ryan Bregante one response

Another wonderful story here. May 8th, 2017 is a day I will never forget. It was the ...

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16 Jul

A human-friendly logo for a Project on Klinefelter Syndrome Awareness

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Husband with Klinefelter syndrome has Kids
09 Jul

Hope of fathering children snatched away at 20.

Ryan Bregante no responses

Original Article by Bourn Hall Fertility Clinic When Fraser was diagnosed with Klinefelter Syndrome, it was ...

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Teenager with Klinefelter syndrome
02 Jul

After years of misdiagnoses, Lawrence teen found to have little-known disorder; parents hope to raise awareness

Ryan Bregante one response

Original Article by LJWorld Julie and Brandon Urban only wish they had the cards sooner. Then ...

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